Feather Lite Semi Reusable Ileostomy Pouch


Semi-Disposable alternative to reusable systems.  Feather-Lite pouches are comfortable, light weight (3oz) and easy to use.

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Semi-reusable pouch made with soft, flexible Feather-lite material.

Right Spout, 1 oz., clear, 6″x11″, 10/pk.

Additional Products Needs:

  • Faceplate-Rubber Hypalon or Plastic Convert-A-Pouch
  • Belt-Adjustable Ostomy Belt
  • Flange Security-Bead-O-Rings
  • Adhesive Discs-Seal-Tite Adhesive Gaskets or Universal Adhesive Gaskets
  • Skin Barrier (Wafers, Rings, Wipes, Liquid)
  • Adhesive Remover


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